Usually, cat’s owners share the same complain: felines shed too much coat. If the house has allergic people, it can cause some disturbance. Vet Paula Cordovani, from Clínica Animal Place, explains how to reduce the problem.

According to the vet, in many cases, shedding is merely a change of coat. But many people think that excess of shedding is related to some pet’s pathology, but the vet says that these cases are rare and come normally with other symptoms. “If they do not have failure, itchiness or lesions in hair, it may not be a disease”, explains Cordovani.

Instead of what one thinks, felines coat isn’t related to lack of bath, but of brushing. The specialist says that cats don’t need periodical baths, because they clean themselves. “To minimize the problem, the solution is to brush cat periodically to remove fallen coat. Besides it, giving healthy food and vitamines to strenghten coat can help”, she says. The vet also emphasizes the importance of vet surveillance. “In case of doubt or anormality, the vet must be called imediatelly,” she concludes.