To travel is always nice and it is better if you are in good company. For those who have dogs or cats at home, to be with your four paws friend is good at all time, mostly in a distant place. Some people are afraid of going on vacation with their pets, they
prefer to leave them in a specialized hotel or under the care of someone. Only to avoid problems. To think of preserving the pet is right but, with some precautions, you can take he/she to trips.

The first thing is about transport. If the trip is by plane, it is important to make the vaccins and to get the certificates  the air company demands. Each company has its rules and  you have to check the details of these flights — there are sad stories about lost pets or mistreatments by air companies.  If you are going to another country, there are probably quarentine rules and the need of many exams. A long and exhausting process only must be made if it is inevitable for your pet’s health.

When the trip is by car, the comfort is also a delicate question; a research in the United Kingdom said that 86% of drivers would buy adapted cars for theis pets. The puppy must have a travel crate and be always protected by a safety belt: to see cats and dogs in car windows is funny but it increase accidents risk and is a traffic infration. Besides, it is recommendable to stop at each two hours to rest. But risking seasickness, drinking water and eating food must be moderate — the best is to plan no food before leaving home until arriving at destiny.

Arriving at destiny,  you must return to normal food with your pet. A good tip do help adaptation is to spread toys and objects he/she knows: it gives a safety sensation. An unknown place can cause anxiety and intestinal problems, like diarrhea. So the best travel crate must have also: feeder, water, dress and blankets, sunscreen, bags for poo and other articles specific to each race.

Cats and dogs can be very irritated when leaving home but we must not give them medicines without a vet indication. To keep them more calm, a good idea is to walk with them some hours before the flight, a habit that always helps to relax the pet. The travel crate also can be something less traumatic if pets gets accostumed to it again.

Cats tend to be more agitados when they change routine or arrive at a different place. To xxxx the problem the market has a product of created for this problem. Another possibility is to take objects with the pet odor or, to xxxxx a little towel with his odor.
Last, but not least, an advice: some Brazilian regions are endemic of dirofilariose ( known as “heart verm”) that can kill pet. Se seu destino for any of these regions, you must get a previous medication. Because any little detail must be considered to be sure that our friends will profit – without traumas – this special moment.