Did your cat’s vet prescribe a medicine and is it difficult to give? Don’t worry, we will  help you. It’s true that cats do not obbey in these situations because they are suspicious by nature.

Vet Marcello Machado made a list  to help you.
1- Liquid medicines and/or syrups:
Put the medicine in a serynge special for felines. It’s important to measure the quantity prescribed by vet to avoid intoxications and other accidents with your cat. Put him in your lap, rub him and leave a snack near so he will associate the medicine to a positive reward. Keep talking and when he is calm, pull his lip and support the serynge. Press the serynge slowly so the cat won’t choke and apply the liquid slowly. Avoid him to react because he can harm his neck. Another tip is envolve him in a  blanket so he won’ t scratch you.

2. Solid medicines
To give a tablet medicine to a cat isn’t as simple as to a dog, because felines are more sloppy. One tip is to mix the medicine in some food he likes as, for instance, a soft snack . Give him a piece without the medicine, then offer a hidden tablet and finally give another snack. Wait and be sure that he swallowed all.
Another way is to put the cat on his back, lying between your legs, to hold his head and put the medicine on his tongue. Hold his mouth until he swallows.  This is a good solution and avoids the animal gets angry and hurts you because when hde doesn’t see his owner  there is less chance he gets agressive. To facilitate even more, the shops have tablets apliccator that put the medicine right into the pet’s throat and he does not feel the flavour.

3. Pasty medicines
Pasty medicines are the best one for felines and also the best way of giving it. The paste can be put on his paws: instinctively the cat will lick it. Another strategic place is the snout. Then, the only question is see if the pet licked it and the medicine didn’t fall before completely licked.