Besides everyday care that includes visits to the vet and catch up with vaccination you sometimes have to do some exams in your puppy.
And you must pay attention to a detailed check-up when the dog is six years old; since then, dogs are considered old. In comparison with humans, it is as if they were fifty years old.
Vet Monique Rodrigues, founder of Clinicão, says that dogs also need clinical exams, dental evaluation  and blood exams.
“All these exams are important because after six years old, dogs enter the third phase of evolution, when they may have dental problemas and gengivites, cardiac alterations, diabetes, hormonal problems, obesity”, explains the vet.
She also alerts that obesity, osteoarthritis (i.é, hip aches), knee and spine problems can be noticed when the pet has dificulty to move.
Breast cancer, prostate and testicles problems are more dangerous when pets are more than six years old.