Besides saving money, you must take care of cats’ health. See the risks and the best way of making your pets’ “toilet”

Everybody wants to save money and, as we know, to keep a pet costs a lot of money. That’s why homemade cheat options are a great success at internet . They are worh while, but they can not mean danger to the cat. Unfortunately, the use of sand box made with flour can prejudice kitten.
The advice comes from vet Lívia Abreu, from Clínica C.A.T. for cats, at Rio de Janeiro. She noticed an increase of breathing tract problems after the cat’s owners used homemade blends.
“It has gone viral at youtube as an economy, enphasizing that these blends have no odour. The problem is that when digging its dejects, the cat breathes the sand in the box and it can cause allergic rhinitis, bronchitis or asthma”, says the vet.
We must remember that flours are used for cooking, they are not eaten or inhaled.
Studies proves malfunctions clinically. Some cats have asthma and an allergic bronchitis crisis can kill them. Others cats are more sensible and show symptoms immediately.

Cats can disguise their symptoms and become easy victims when they are debilitated. So, you must pay attention.
In breathing diseases some symptoms are frequent sneezes, nasal secretions and coughing. Some people think that the cat is only trying to expel a hair ball, but it is a cough. And if he is coughing, it means that something has gone wrong.
If its breathing has changed a bit, beware. When cats seem to make an effort to breathe, it means that their lungs are 70% taken.

The sand box is very important to keep your house clean and free of odors. But for it we must take some care.
The first thing to do is to have more than one sand box for each cat because they urinate in one and defecate in the other. And cats hate dirty boxes. If the box is dirty, the cat can hold its pee and have a cystitis, or hold its poo and have a constipation, or defecate on the wrong place – then, you are the one who will have to clean the dirty and the bad odors. It is dirty, you clean. It is dirty, you clean. If you work somewhere, you clean the box in the morning when you wake up and clean it again when you come
back home. If you do not have time to do it, get more boxes.
Good sands form a clod; so, you can take the dirty without contaminating all the sand. Anyway, once in a week the box must be completely cleaned.
Ask your vet about the best sand to use, mostly if your cat already has respiratory problems. And, if you want to save money, ask the vet about safe options.

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