Some pets are more greedy, others are less demanding at meal time.

See here how to leave your pet’s belly always happy.
Is there anything better than a happy pet at meal time? Some cats are more bold, others come to the dish slowly, pinch a little food here and there. No doubt: this is the moment when cats and dogs feel rewarded and really loved by their owners. More important is that, well fed, cats and dogs can live longer and more active. So, taking care of pet food makes all the difference.

Designer Simone Spitzcovsky has a 16 years old beagle and always fed it with quality food. But since last year, when Anakin had pancreatitis, the vet recommended to replace the dry food for rice and ground beef, it has less fat. “Sometimes I give them snacks, but only when friends come to visit me. This way, they have a good relationship with visitors”, she says.
Pancreatitis is a inflammatory disease that causes the dog belly become inchado e xxx. It has many causes, as diabetes, obesity, hypothyroidism and advanced age.

The little pintcher Tuko, ten years old, good companion for Rosa Marin Soria, São Paulo, is fed with premium food but likes also ground food when finds it on his plate. Já o vira-lata Kinn, Rosa’s son, new member of the family since last Christmas, is fed with a mix of vegetables, frango and rice in early days. “Probably because she was abandoned, she wasn’t accostumed to eat dog food”.