Dog’s cough is technically called Troqueobronquite Infecciosa Canina and is nothing more than a flu that attacks dogs. Humans tend to have flus in winter, but dogs can have it at any time of the year. It conveys by the air or by direct contact with other dogs and quickly infects all aged animals.

“Dogs can get a flu on a normal daily tour, that’s why it’s important to pay attentiom to symptoms. The flu usually starts with a dry, strong and persistent cough that can intensify after some phisical effort, provoking breath problems and vomit. The dog may seem to be choking. Other clues can be fever, lack of appetite

and apatia. If you note these signs, its reccomended to take the animal to the vet”, explains Fabiana Avelar, product manager at Zoetis.

Prevention to dog’s flu goes from cares at home and vaccines. “The owner muts take some care with his dog as, for example, avoiding cold places; keeping the dog on a covered place and with no wind currents; accomodating him in beds or dog houses and giving him blankets. And the vaccine is also very important, ” tells Fabiana.

Zoetis vaccine has two options to prevent Dog’s cough: BronchiGuard and Bronchi-Shield III.

“BronchiGuard is a shot vaccine that can be done during vaccination campaigns . The dog can get the vaccine when puppy is eight weeks old, being the first vaccine in two doses, with an interval of two to four weeks each. This care must be repeated annualy, in one dose. Monovalent, the vaccine attacks flu most important cause : Bordetella bronchiseptica bacteria. The other vaccine we have is Bronchi- Shield III, an intranasal vaccine made with three agents of canine flu and that needs no shot, so its good for puppies.  Its painless and a good alternative when the dog needs a quick protection. It protects against Adenovirus Canino number 2, the Canine Parainfluenza and also protects against Bordetella Bronchiseptica,” says Fabiana.

Precocius vaccination, done from two months on protects the dog before he makes contact with agents that causes this disease.  But it is important to protect younger and adults dogs, for vaccination is a good immunization for flu all over the year. In any case. Its reccomended to consult vet to keep dog healthy.