Nowadays Pets tend to spend more and more time seated or lying in car seats, couches and beds. Thus, it is very important to keep them clean, both for their own health and for ours. The tip is from William Galharde, a prize-winning groomer in Brazil. “Pets must be always clean. I recommend one weekly bath and the cleaning of ears and eyes and fur brushing between one bath and other. Besides the aesthetic aspect, these habits are also good for their health”, says William.

To clean ears, one should not use tweezers or cotton swabs. The right way is to wrap cotton in one’s index finger, apply an ear cleaner and swab it on the external part of the pet’s ear. “You must be careful. The cleaning must be only on the earflaps and in the outer part of the ear canal. There is no need to clean inside the ear because the earwax is naturally discharged by the body and besides there is the risk of hurting your pet”, he explains.

In the eyes region, especially for those dogs with long hair in the snouts, there is usually an accumulation of dirt in their eyes, which can be bad for their sight. This area is often reddish in white dogs. The cleaning of this area should be carried out once a week, with cotton and a special product, by wiping it around the eyes to clean any discharge and avoid irritation.


It is important to brush pets at least once a week, for their well-being and in order to prevent tangling and matting. However, it is not enough to brush dogs superficially. Different from humans’ hair, tangles in dogs’ hair extend to the root. For this reason, you must separate the coats of fur, apply a disentangling product and then, using a slicker brush, comb your dog’s hair, portion by portion. In this way, the hair is completely disentangled – avoiding knots and preserving the fur.

“Brushing also benefits dogs’ skin because it helps blood circulation. Another advantage is that when you brush your dog, the hair stays in the brush and not spread around the house”, analyzes the Manager of Petz Estética’s, reminding that even dogs with short fur must be groomed. While the fur of shorthaired dogs renews every two months, the hair cycle of longhaired dog can take even four years.