The arrival of a puppy  in a home uses to be a time full of discoveries to owners and to the young dog. One thing that worries owners is the dog night cry at his new house.

 “Puppies are accostumed to sleep with their mother and brothers, that’s why they change some attitudes – like the “night cry”, because they are alone in a place they don’t know,” explains vet Priscila Brabec, product manager at Ceva Saúde Animal.

“The problem is because dogs finds an unknown place where odors, sounds and even the place are completely different from the one they were accostumed to. This causes a serie of sensations like fear, anxiety and unsecurity. “Crying is how the puppy expresses his discomfort”, says Priscila.

Cry can dimishes with some care, like creating a place where dog feels at easy and safe. To help this adaptation phase, owners can also use Adaptil, an air freshner, a synthetic product similar to canine odor. It helps the adaption giving a safe and welfare sensation.

During lactation, a female dog produces an specific odour that also gives comfort and safety to puppies. “With registered technology, Ceva has produced Adaptil, a synthetic replica of this odour. The use of the product will help the puppy accomodation to his new home and to reduce night cry”, says Priscila.