We want to be always near the ones we love — it’s the same feeling for human beings and pets. Who doesn’t miss the pet when travelling to work, on vacation or even spending a week-end away from home? After all, it’s impossible to take always our four paws friend, because it need planning and organization. Dogs and cats also miss their owners and they can have unexpected reactions when feeling alone. The simple idea of separation can cause stress and anxiety.

Joana Cappi, a teacher who lives in North Caroline (USA) admits missing Lilu, a Maltese breed female dog 13 years old, when she comes to Brazil to visit her family. “Lilu and I, we are always near and when she isn’t with me, I miss her a lot”, says Joana. The same happens with engineer Márcia Ferreira, from Rio, who owns Jolie, a six years old female dog also Maltese breed. “Like a shadow, she is by my side all day. When I travel, I’m worried if she is sleeping well or if someone is giving her some trash to eat.” In turn, journalist Beatriz Amorim become anxious when her three cats are away: Nina and Dora, three years old, and Guigui, two years old. “The first time I travelled without Nina, I dreamed of her every night,” she says.

To avoid missing his female dog Russa that is three years old, journalist Marcos Maynart takes her everywhere. “She goes with me to the office and sleeps on my feet”, he says.” Russa loves to walk on the streets and run in the park, she looks like a little fox.”

When he has to travel, Marcos leaves Russa with a cousin or a neighbor. “They both have Nina’s puppies and it becomes a family meeting. My cousin’s puppy is called Tico and my neighbor’s is Kiko. I know that Nina miss me, but she is
near her sons and doesn’t grieve. They sleep at the same bed and eat the same food. I also leave an tee-shirt of mine for her to sleep,” says he. In turn, teacher Joana leaves Lilu with a caretaker. “Sue, the caretaker, has other dogs and so the are company to Lilu. She takes pictures and sends me everyday. I take to Sue’s house her favourite toys and her litlle bed, I know she likes to have her junk around,” she says.

Anamaria Lattes, a retired teacher who lives in Porto Alegre, also leaves her three years old Yorkshire in a safe place. “My best friend and faithful squire Minnie stays at my son’s house who walks with her everyday and sends me pictures. When I have to leave for some hours, I take the tv and the kitch’s light on, fresh food and fresh meal. Sometimes, by precaution, I ask my neighbor to take a look on her. Even so, I’m anxioux to come bach home.”

Technology becomes an ally to placate missing. Beatriz and Anamaria for example, make videos call to see her pets live. Marcos also uses cell phone for Nina hearing his voice. “She stands up her little ears, it seems that she understands what I’m saying.,” he says. Anamaria became a subscriber of DogTV channel, with a programing to entertain and calm dogs offered by Sky at à la carte system. The channel has three kinds of programs: relaxing (with images and sound track to calm pets), stimulant (images of dogs playing and action images to activate muscular and cerebral impulses) and exposition (dayly scenes of pets, as car rides and even a visit to vet, with the proposal of getting pets accostumed to the routine.)

At her turn, Press Assessor Marly Ikeda, from São Paulo, owner of nine years old Flor, a shih-tzy, says that creating a routine for the pet is a solution for feeling less anxious. “Usually, I leave Flor with people she knows well and know her manias,” explains. “Flor knows when I say that mom is going to work to buy her little things. I leave cookies, a blanket and food. So she knows that I’ve thought in her at this separation hour.” Despite all care, missing is inevitable, but its possible to avoid suffering. “Who owns a pet knows that days are fulfilled by them. I miss Flor when I’m away, but we have codes and a good relationship. The best part is when we meet again, with many kisses, barks and its little tail wagging.” Nothing like a happy end!