Who can register as professional?
Veterinarians or professionals who work wit pets (grooming, dog walker or caretaker)

What are the advantages of PETIEST?
PETIEST connects you with clients. You have more freedom to work and increases your income.

How much does it cost?
The app is free. PETIEST gets a percentual over consults.

Who are our professionals?
They are competents, punctuals people who love pets. They have already (or are looking for) agenda flexibility, freedom to work in many places, with no schedule.

What happens after I send my register?
If your register is complete, it will be analysed and checked by our team. Soon you’ll have an email with instructions to use the app. If you don’t get an answer, your register has not been approved.

What is PETIEST relationship with professionals?
PETIEST is a platform that connects professional to clients. There is no bond, you are free to decide if you are available or if you want to increase your income.

What is the price of services?
The price are shown on the app.


If you’ll travel or be out of home for somedays, a PETIEST caretaker will take care or your good friend with muche love. The professional will do the best for making your temporary absence less stressing, following your orientation

NOTE: The price is for a 24 hours for pet. The service is at your home which means at your pet home, with service shown in messages or photos

Dogwalkers are experienced professionals who observe security and pet behavior animal when out of home. The dogwalker will take your pet at home and give it a walk, play and exercice, follwing your recomendation

Grooming at home is reccomended for busy pet owners who don’t like or don’t feel safe and confortable in pet shops or with other pets. Our professionals are trained and follow quality patters and its reccomendations

NOTE: Price is for grooming one pet

When your dear pet is ill or needs a routine consultation it can be stressed in places out of home. Veterinarian called by app PETIEST goes to your home and gives to your little friend an exclusive attendance. The service priorize pet well-beig and save time for their owners

NOTE: the price is for one pet consult and does not include remmedies administration, vaccins and/or other services, as exams and intenations.

Regular pet vaccination avoid some diseases ad expands the lifetime of your pet. To keep your pet calendar with no need to get out of home, you can call a vaccinator at your home comfort;

NOTE: service by app will be done by a veterinarian and consists in a vaccin, if the professional recomends it.

Aquariums make ambiances more joyful but they need conservation to keep fishes and ornaments in good state. The professional sent to your home or work place trough PETIEST app is specialized and trained to give quality services as certificates in the sector.

NOTE: the app price is for onde aquarium of river water until 500 liters and does not include extra insumes


If you love to work with pets, appreciates a good attendance and want to increase your income, be one PETIEST professionals.

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