Eating too much sugar can damage human’s health; the same happens with dogs, as explains vet Marcello Machado, at Naturalis. “Sugar can cause many problems, mostly obesity and rejection to meals suitable to pet’s health.” The vet says that owners should not give sweets in bars, homemade or industrialized and, most of all, give chocolates. “Chocolate is toxic for dogs and also for cats; the substance called teobromina, present at cocoa, can cause intoxication, vomits and diarrhea”.

Sweet flavour
But can dogs eat sweets? Yes, if it is from natural sources. “If the owner wants to give sweet flavours to his dog, he can choose fruits like papaya and apple or vegetables like carrot and sweet potato. These ingredients are included in some foods, in xxx

Dog’s palate
Dogs have less taste buds  than human beings. So, your best friend does not feel flavours with much intensity. “Humans have 9 thousand taste buds,  dogs have only 1706”, concludes the vet.

Meal tip
Naturalis is a food special for dogs 100% natural, in two versions: Naturalis with vegetables (carrot, pea and sweet potato) and Naturalis with fruits (apple and papaya). It’s a good choice for owners who want to give a food without artificial conservatives and with special ingredients  like oat, whole rice and flax seeds. Naturalis has food for puppys, big size and medium size dogs.