Just like you, we love pets. We want the well-being, health and happiness of our four paws friends and other pets, we started an app to care for your pet in safety, quickness, care and efficiency. And the best of all: at your house! PETIEST gives more tranquility to the pet owner, who can see what is done and be sure that his/hers pet is has the best care. Download the app now!


Our intention is to connect pet owners’ to professionals dedicated in giving facility and comfort in veterinarian consult, grooming, dog walker, caretaker and aquarium handler at home. To us, each pet deserves a special, unique and responsable care.


Our goal is to make PETIEST the Number One app in home service for pets, using geolocalization and technology.


Our values are respect to Nature, to environment and to animals.

Our services:

It’s no good when our best four paws friend gets ill, but it could be worse if it happens suddenly. You will need no more to get out in the dawn looking for help, if you have PETIEST at your smartphone. In a few clics you call a vet and he/she will come where you are to care four your friend at your home comfort. The system has geolocalization, so the professional who are nearer you will come quickly. Security and quality guaranteed!

Can you imagine waiting for grooming inside a small cage and still have the stress of being near unknown pets? With PETIEST your little friend won’t have to endure it no more. Call a grooming on app and he/she will come to your house. Then, you decide the best place to work and afterwards he/she will leave your pet clean and cheiroso and the room cleaned. And you can see everything going on!

You have to get out of home but do not want to leave your friend alone? With PETIEST a caretaker will go to your house and take care of your pet at your home tranquility. With the same routine and at the same place your pet loves most in the world: its home.

You know that your best friend also needs physical exercices but you have no time to go around with it? Use the app and a dog walker will come! Your pet will walk, amuse and yet learn important security lessons with our professionals. Nice, isn’t?

Just like us, fishes need to relax in a place clean and oxigenated. When cleaning the aquarium, we must never use soap or any other cleaning issue. An expert makes right so your fishes will live always happy.

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